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Vashnam Tek Trading is at the service of dear customers with the wholesale sale of tea. Our main goal is to get 100% satisfaction of our customers. To achieve this goal, we have tried to offer the highest quality products at the most reasonable price.
With the production of 30,000 tons of tea, Iran ranks ninth in world production; China ranks first, followed by Sri Lanka, Kenya, and India. In contrast, Pakistan, Russia, and America are the largest importers of this product in the world. Tea after water is one of the most consumed drinks among Iranians, so that 6-10 cups of tea are consumed daily by Iranian people; China is the largest producer and exporter of tea and is also considered one of the largest consumers of tea in the world.
The annual consumption of tea in Iran is 100,000 tons, and this amount of production does not meet the needs of the people, and the rest is supplied through imports. Out of 100% of tea consumption, 30% is supplied by domestic production, and we need imports for the remaining 70%. In addition to imports, our country also exports to countries such as Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

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